What we are

We are a consulting firm dedicated to help clients build stronger businesses by improving their leadership ecosystem. We do this at the business level as well as the individual level. So whether, you are a business organisation seeking to accelerate your performance to take it to the next level, or an individual Manager interested to rapidly enhance your skills to become a Business Leader, we can help contribute to your mission and endeavour.

So, what are you waiting for?   Prepare to Rise and Surge.

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What we do

  • Business Consulting :
    We help businesses scale up their operations. We help in clarifying business plans and strategy, & enhancing business performance through analytics, systems, structure and process re-engineering. Our 3-stage model “ADD” - Assess, Design & Deliver help businesses sustain and scale up their operations.

  • Leadership Mentoring:
    We help individuals become Business Leaders. We work with individuals to upgrade and improve their business acumen, leadership acumen as well as interpersonal and team building acumen. For individuals, we run a continuing programme “M2L”, which primarily aims at transforming Managers to Leaders

  • Learning and Development:
    We unlock the potential of individuals and organisations. Bodh Gaya Learning and Development Centre conducts training programmes for Corporates and individuals. It offers services of Trainers, Coaches and Mentors who have full knowledge and expertise in their respective domains with a proven track record.

  • Corporate Talent Match:
    We match Talent with Corporates, Executives and Roles. All corporates need to have a talent pool, which match the job requirements, based on the Business Plan and expectation of the Stakeholders. We help in clarifying roles and getting the right candidate for the role.

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