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We are a consulting firm dedicated to help clients build stronger businesses by improving their leadership ecosystem. We do this at the business/organisation level as well as at the individual level.

So, whether you are a business organisation seeking to accelerate your performance to take it to the next level or an individual Manager interested in rapidly enhancing your skills to become a Business Leader, we can help contribute to your mission and endeavour.

We work with businesses whose market places have undergone a change and the internal organization structure and processes are either not strong or are too complex to combat the challenges. We help in clarifying business plans and strategy, and enhancing business performance in all areas through analytics, systems, structure and process re-engineering.

U2K partners with Businesses in their success journey from “Unknown to Known”, through a 3-stage model named “ADD” – Assess, Design and Deliver.

The “Assess” stage comprises the use of various diagnostic tools like questionnaire, interviews, focused groups, flow charting etc. Our Master Business Health Quotient (MBHQ) covers over 30 areas of your business to identify your business strengths and areas for improvement.

In the “Design” stage, we use the Beckhard GRPI model to arrive at an acceptable and implementable Goal, Roles, Procedures and Interactions programme. .

In the “Deliver” stage, we partner with the business to implement the agreed programme through a series of Execution Interventions including creating structures, training, score card monitoring and control systems.

U2K also helps Individuals grow to become Business Leaders. Our Leadership Quotient (LQ) covers 30 areas of leadership qualities required for Business Acumen. Our Certified Trainers, Coaches and Mentors are there to assist you at every stage of your Leadership journey.

The U2K leadership team comprises of people who have a blend of entrepreneurship, business leadership and academics. What universities and external training programmes teach in classrooms, U2K brings the experience and action to the work place.

The vision of U2K Consulting is to be a Trusted Integrated Indian Consulting Company for Businesses and Corporate Careers.

In a nutshell, U2K helps you increase your revenue, reduce your cost, improve your operations and sustain your business through Business Consulting, Leadership Mentoring, Learning & Development and Corporate Talent Matching.

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