The vision of U2K Consulting is to be a Trusted Integrated Indian Consulting Company for Business and Corporate careers. Its mission is to help clients build stronger businesses by improving their leadership ecosystem, at the business /organization level as well as at the individual level.

U2K is a general business consultant. We bring in the vast experience of running large businesses to help your organization grow and scale up your business. We, therefore, undertake consulting in all areas which involves the following:

1. Increase in revenue – Market analysis, pricing decisions

     2. Reduction in cost – Activity based costing, value analysis, inventory management, materials management

3. Improvement in operations – Business process re-engineering, benchmarking

     4. Sustainability – Succession Planning, Business Planning & Budgeting, MIS

As a matter of policy, U2K does not consult directly in the following areas:

– Legal Matters including legal compliance and clearances.

– Arranging Finance

– Health, Safety & Environment compliance

However, U2K undertakes audit of above areas and help in devising process, procedures and introducing best practices.

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